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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will not cry over the past.  Today, I will look to my future."
I have wasted plenty of time crying over spilled milk only to find that crying, although a good purge for a moment, doesn't actually clean up the milk.  The milk just sits there in a puddle until it begins to sour and rot and stink.  So, eventually, I'm crying over globby, rotten, sour, stinky milk.
It's a metaphor, of course, for keeping our attention focused on that which ultimately just rots and makes us sick and no amount of crying is going to clean up the mess.  It is best to acknowledge the spill, clean it up, and move on.
Yes, I know, sometimes we just need to cry.  Cry then, go ahead, but don't forget to stop.  Wipe those tears off of your face, and grab a few metaphoric paper towels, wipe up, and then admire the great job you did. 
Look, we all need to move on at some point or another, and trying to keep things going when, in actually they aren't going anywhere but bad is not a good choice.
Consider the spilled milk in your life and clean it up.  It really is time for you to move on, really, it is.
Turn in over to the Universe and ask Universe to hand you a couple of paper towels.  Universe always comes through. 
In Love and Light-Always,

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will spend extra time visualizing exactly what I need and want.  I will open my heart and hands to receive the gifts of the Universe."
Today, the Angels of the Divine Brotherhood have come with a very important message regarding the manifesting of our plans:

The time is coming when great changes will be upon you.  Be prepared to flow with these changes.  If you are not, then the changes will pass you by and it will be some time before the soil is ripe again for the type of harvest that will occur.
Review the seeds that you have planted.  See that they have been watered and nurtured.  The roots have grown deep and the time for sprouting and flowering is at hand.  All of the patience that you have endured will be rewarded.
The air is full, impregnated with all of the possibilities that you have dreamed and hoped would come to fruition.  All that you have poured your energy into is now beginning to manifest.
There is a one month window in which you will see great changes take place.  At first they may seem small and inch along, but these small increments of movement will lead to larger increments of movement until the events are in full swing and moving quickly.  This quick movement is necessary to bring about the full potential of the manifestation that you have been waiting for. 
Be patient and make adjustments along the way.  For adjustments are needed as events unfold.
You will be pleasantly surprised at what Universe has in store for you.  It may be something that you have not yet thought of.  How wonderful to receive a gift that you were not expecting.  We are full of joy here in Universe to give you such a gift.
Use it well and all will be well.  Make your plans as you usually do,  Spend extra time visualizing exactly what you want.  Pray on these desires and open to Universe your heart and hands for receiving.

Be blessed now and always.

The Angels of the Divine Brotherhood of Light and Love.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I open my hands to receive the future that Universe has planned for me."
The life force is strong but what is stronger is the spiritual force within you.  This force is your essence.  it is what brings you into hnuman forma nd it is what guides you on the human path.
The human path is long and sometimes arduous, and yet, there are those within the invisible Universal Realm who are here to assist you as you move from one stage of your life to another.
Let these spiritual beings help you.  Allow then to gently guide you to rightness--what is right for you. 
The time is at hand when great change will take place.  Place yourself in a position to reap the opportunities that present themselves.
Keep your vigilance aware.  Keep your knowing focused on what it is that you have manifested and stand firm in the belief that what you have worked toward manifesting is, now, right now, manifesting in your life.
Look around you and see the signs of this manifestation.
Have you let go of those things that have tied you to a particular place or person?  Have you let go of outmoded philosophies?  Have you, in your heart, said, "I longer want this type of life.  I want something better"?  Then if so, Universe has heard your request and is bringing this change to you.
Be ready to accept it.  For what Universe has planned for you is far better than what you could have imagined for yourself.
What you have imagined may be limited according to what you think you can afford in time, energy, and possibility.  But in Universe, there is no limitiation.  There is only possibility.
Let Universe bring these possibilities to fruition.
Open your eyes to see those possibilities.  Open your mind to consciously recognizing these possibilities.  Open your heart to accepting with graciousness these opportunities.
Blessings abound and Universe wants you to have them.  It is not Universe who limits your rewards.  It is you yourself who, because of wrong thinking, have come to believe that you don't deserve them.  But you do deserve them, and if you know this in your heart, and open your hands, you will be free to partake of the future that Universe has prepared just for you.
Let it happen.  Have you not waited long enough?  Have you not done the spiritual work to bring you to this place of receiving?  Of course you have.  Now let Universe bless you.  It is right and just that you do.
In Love and Light0Always,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today is filled with possibilities."
Each day is a blank slate on which we write our own lives.  Each day is an expression of who we are and what we manifest.  Each day offers us the opportunity to create what we want and need.  It is up to us to fulfill these possibilities and live a true and good life according to our inner knowing and Universal law.
Today, what type of life are you going to live?  Are you going to stay true to yourself regardless of how others will react?  Or will  you write the script for yet another episode of conforming to what others think you should be doing and how you should be doing it?
Perhaps it is your time to consider all of the unrealized potential that you have to create a life that is pleasing and good and true and honest to yourself.  Perhaps it is time for you (and me and all of us) to once and for all reject all of those things that we have been conditioned to believe about ourselves and all those things that we were taught were right, but not right for us.
The time is here to consciously recognize all that we can become and then become it.  Feel the air around you, feel it full and pulsing with possibilities.  Smell the air, breath it in, fill yourself with the life force.  Feel the breeze on your skin, the changing winds of your path.  Hear the inner voice of Universe gently leading you to where it is appropriate for you to be right here right now.  Taste the difference between what was and what could be, and then be it, do it.
Do not let today escape you.  Spend time today considering all the possible futures you could have and then choose one and work toward manifesting it.  It can happen.  It will happen.  Be courageous and step off into the unknown, and yet the certainty, that you control your own life.
In Love and Light-Always,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will cultivate a more unified version of myself."

The most important relationship that we can cultivate is the relationship with ourselves.  We need to make ourselves a priority and work toward our own victory.  Yes, indeed, we do need to continue to care about others, but there comes a time when we can no longer afford to keep the focus on others exclusively and ignore ourselves.
Now is the time for personal rehauling.  Now is the time to sit back and do a quick personal inventory and ask ourselves what we need to do for ourselves to bring ourselves back into union with ourselves.
Reuniting with ourselves includes being in sync with our Higher Selves, with our inner knowing, with our intuition, with our core essence as a Divine Being. 
But how do we do this?  We need to go within, seek within,  We need to ask ourselves, "What do I need to become more complete?"  "What lessons do I need to master to move on from where I am?"  "How can I respond differently, more appropriately to those around me, and by doing so, regauge my reactions in a more positive way?"  Then, follow through on your own personal answers to these questions.
Bring ourselves back into line is not always an easy task.  Challenges crop up on our paths.  These challenges are intended to give us the practice that we need to overcome those reactions and behaviors that stunt us.  So, welcome them as opportunities.
Work on yourself, and watch yourself bloom.  Watch yourself grow into a more complete version of who you are right now.
In Love and Light-Always,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will marshal all of my inner strength in preparation for radical change."
We are heading into a time of incredible change.  This shift, this change, occurs somewhere around March 21 and lasts until approximately April 21.  The Universe is bringing about this change so that we can move on from our present situation into a new life.  This new life is filled with opportunities and challenges, and will bring heightened insight, wisdom, and knowledge.
We should not fear this changing time.  We should plant our feet, marshal our strength, and be ready for the shift that will occur.
This time period brings about the completion of a cycle.  Look back and see the progress that you have made thus far.  The current cycle had begun with a shift into the difficult and challenging, often emotionally wrenching.  Perseverance and steadfastness was needed to undergo this time of duress.  This was a time of acceptance and of letting go of old ideas and ways of living.
Now we shift into a time of opportunity and the coming to fruition of all that we had hoped to manifest.  It will manifest, but perhaps not exactly in the way that you had imagined it.  It will be even better. 
This time requires that we keep our cool, keep our eyes open, and take advantage of new opportunities, for it is these new opportunities that will catapult us into our destined future.  Continue to tie up loose ends, let go, and gather your strength, and prepare for a great change.
Be optimistic that your destined future lays ahead.
In Love and Light-Always,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will not despair over delays.  I will breath, relax, and be patient."
Sometimes delays are just what we need (even though we don't realize it).  Delays slow us down, give us time to think, especially if what we were hoping to occur really is the best thing for us.
Don't despair over delays in your path.  Just take a deep breath and relax.  And wait.  Universe knows what is best for us, so ask Universe to help you cultivate patience while you wait.
What will come because of the delay may very well be much better than what you were hoping.  Tie up loose ends, organize things around you, clear the way.  Continue to follow through with daily actions, and see what transpires.  The current delay in plans will ultimately bring about positive results, so keep that in mind and don't get discouraged.
While you are waiting for situations to develop, take a look inside yourself.  Have you cleared away unneeded influences?  Have you worked on creating a stronger connection to your Higher Power?  Focus inward and work on the inner self.  In this way, you will be ready when the situation you are waiting for finally materializes.
In Love and Light-Always,