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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"I am safe and protected from the all mental, emotional or spiritual attack from others."
Yesterday, I shared a breathing and grounding technique that is very successful and important for you keep yourself focused and steadfast.  The more you focus on yourself, on your own thoughts, on your own body, the less you will be open to those of others.
2-Suit of Armor:  Visualize yourself in a complete suit of armor made from a bright and shining metal.  Really focus on the details of the suit of armor.  The more closely detailed you can visualize it, the more effective it will be. Notice the head piece.  See the shield over your face.  You head is completely encased in this protective helmet. (Just for fun, give yourself a lovely feathered plume in the color(s) of your choice attached to the helmet.)
Now, visualize the breast and back plate, clean, shiny, smooth.  See your arms and hands and fingers completely and safely encased in the shiny metal  Look at the legs and feet, also completely protected in the bright and shiny metal. 
Next, visualize the bright sun gleaming on the bright metal and rading a strong and powerful light around you.  The sunlight is so bright that the glare radiates sever feet around your entire body.  This radiating light adds an extra layer of protection.
Finally, and this is optional, look at your predominant hand, if you are right handed, then your right hand, if you are left handed, then your left hand.  You are carrying a sword.  Focus on the details of sword.  Look at the blade, see how it gleams in the sun.  Look at the sharpness of the blade, so sharp it can slice through even the toughest attack. 
Now look at your opposite hand.  You are holding a shield.  Clearly visualize the shape.    See it clearly.  Notice how large it is, but despite its greatness, it is exceptionally light to hold.  In the middle of the shield, is an emblem, an image that represents strength and protection.  This shield can deflect any negativity, thought, feelings that my come in your direction.  It is another insurance against attack.  Now you are completely surrounded and protected from all dangers, negativity, and thoughts and feelings of others. 
As you progress through your day, keep the image of the suit of armor in mind.  it will remind you just how protected you are.
In Love and Light-Always,

Friday, November 6, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I understand that as an EMPATH, I need to protect myself from the thoughts and feelings of others."
Being empathic is never easy.  We become subject to all of the stimuli around us and particularly from the thought and feelings of others.  Some days it takes hold of us and just strangles us or overwhelms us.  There is hope, however.  There are protective measures that we can take to safeguard ourselves from the brunt of the attack of stimuli.
Here are a few suggestions to help protect yourself and to deflect some of what comes at you.  If you are a good visualizer, these techniques may come easy to you; however, if you are not a good visualizer, working with these techniques will help to strengthen your visualization capabilities and the more you visualize, the better at it you will become and the safer you will be.
For the next few days, I will share a few protecting techniques.  So be sure to keep visiting to get a variety. Even if you are not empathic, but feel overwhelmed, scattered, or feel as if you are being attacked mentally, emotionally, spiritually, you can use these effective techniques.
Beginning:  for each of the techniques you learn begin in this way.  Close your eyes, put your feet flat on the floor, breathe deeply-in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Relax.  Do this several times until you feel the tension leaving your body and your thought process slows down.
1-Grounding:  Once you feel relaxed and focused, visualize yourself standing on the planet and feel the pulse of the earth under your feet and radiating up through your body.  Let the powerful energy of the earth which is green, rise up through the bottom of your feet and travel through your entire body.  let the green light fill you completely and then let a beam of light travel out of the top of your head and up into the sky and connect with the sun. 
Let the warm and light of the sun shine down upon you,.  Let the sunlight enter the top of your head and travel through your body.  Let it completely fill you and flow out the bottom of your feet and deep into the earth's core  let these powerful energies completely flow through you-the green coming up and sunlight, white light, flowing down.  Mix them together, fuse them.  By doing this, it increases their energy and the mixed energy will keep you firmly anchored to the earth and connected to the healing power of the sun.
Do this every day.  Morning is best as it will set you on a safe and focused path.  Anytime during the day, when you are feeling scattered or overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe and repeat the exercise.
Please return tomorrow for more techniques and strategies for keeping yourself grounded and safe. 
In Love and Light-Always,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I better understand EMPATHY and will share what I know with others."
We have finally made it to the end of the list of Empath Markers.  Here are the final five items that may suggest that what you are feeling and experiencing is natural for you because you are, indeed, empathic.  Tomorrow's blog will discuss the ways that you can shield yourself from all of the pulses of energy around you.  This will keep you more balanced and steady and more capable of waling your path without carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders or hiding under the covers.
26-Digestive issues/lower back discomfort-within the etheric body sits the chakras, the centers of energy that govern the different aspects of our lives (see blog entries on this subject).  The solar plexus chakra, the one that sits over the stomach is the center for our intuition, our sense of knowingness.  As a result, because you are so intuitive, the solar plexus gets slammed with a barrage of outside vibration.  This onslaught of vibration from all around may cause you to suffer periodic digestive problems.  If you have seen a doctor, he/she may have told you that there is no real cause for the issue and that perhaps you just have a sensitive stomach and digestive tract.  Additionally, at the base of the spine sits the root chakra, the center for basic necessities as well as a collection point for negative feelings such as anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.  As you absorb the negativity around you, it goes right into the root chakra, and as the root chakra fills with negativity, the discomfort in the lower back grows. 
27-Detecting dishonesty-As an empathy, you are probably very good (or very bad) at detecting individuals who are charlatans-those who are fake and phony and lie about their true identities.  You may not be able to put your finger on exactly who or what they are, but you sense, you know there is much more to them than they let on.  It is important for you to trust your gut on this because you want to believe the best about people and want to trust them, but sometimes you get fooled and when you do, you get hurt. 
28-Magnet for others problems-There may be times when you ask yourself, "Why does everybody always come to me to offload their problems?"  Well, they come to you because they sense in you your strong sympathy and understanding.  Those in need will always find you.  They will become attached to you.  So be very careful to shield yourself from these people and limit your contact.
29-Intolerance for egocentrism-Although you are very kind, patient, and tolerant of others, those who display undue arrogance, pride, egotism, and conceit repel you.  These people give off a very strong, negative energy that says, "It's all about me and never about you."  This type of thinking and energy is enough to cause you disgust, physical symptoms, or cause you to totally avoid the person all together-good move, stay away.
30-Sensitivity to food and/or days of the week-You may suffer from food allergies or have a "sensitive stomach."  You may also tend to move into a more vegetarian diet because you may be able to pick up the vibration of the animal that provided the food.  Also, you may have an sensitivity to "feeling" the days of the week.  Even without a calendar, you can just "feel" when it is Monday or Thursday or Sunday.  Each day of the week has a vibration all its own, and you can feel the nuances of these daily vibrations.  Also, you may pick up other people's attitudes and feelings about that particular day.
The list is finally complete.  Feel free to share these posts with friends.  If you suspect that you or someone close to you may be empathic, it is a good idea to peruse the list and check yourself against it.  Your question about your hyper-sensitivity may finally be answered.
Starting tomorrow, I will post a series of entries that address the ways that you can alleviate some of the discomfort that come along with being able to pick up so much information.  Be well, see you tomorrow.
In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, November 2, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I more confident in my sensitivities, and trust in myself."
And so we find ourselves at Empath Markers 21-25.  Not  all EMPATHS possess all thirty markers.  If you have experienced at least ten, then there is a very good chance that you are an EMPATH.  Once this series of blog entries on Empath Markers is complete, I will provide you with information on how you can help yourself to block out some of the thoughts and feelings that may bombard you.  Please return for this vital information.
Empath Markers 21-25
21-Avoiding Mass Media-Because you have such a high sensitivity to the suffering of others, you may be overly affected by what you see on television, movies, and in newspapers, particularly shows/stories that contain violence, cruelty, or tragedy, especially if it is directed toward those who cannot defend themselves such as children, animals, and women.  It is not a surprise then that you may be avoiding television and movies all together.
22-Love of Nature & Animals-You feel a strong connection to the outdoors.  The outdoors, being in a natural environment rejuvenates you and gives you peace and serenity.  You may be fond of activities like walking on the beach or in the woods, spending time by the seaside, in the mountains, or in the forest.  These environments bring you back to you center and help to cleanse the negativity from your system.  In regard to animals, you may feel a very close connection to all wildlife and may be one of those individuals who love having pets close to you.  You and your pet(s) understand each other perfectly, and your pet(s) bring you the unconditional love and peace that you  need to thrive.
23-Truth-You have a deep seated need to know and seek the truth.  You are a seeker of knowledge and information to support what you know is true and will support what you know it true.  You also have a strong desire to see the truth revealed and justice done.  As a result, you may sometimes be targeted because those who are not honest, truthful, or just want to silence your voice.  There may be times that you put yourself at risk for the sake of seeing justice done.
24-Strong Attraction to the Metaphysical-Because you are a seeker of knowledge, you  may be attracted to the different facets of metaphysics. You may seek to develop a deeper spiritually and a  stronger connection to your Higher Power.  You may also seek instruction on healing others such as Reiki or acupuncture or aromatherapy or holistic remedies. Other areas that may draw your attention are astrology, divination (reading cards, stones, etc. as a means of discovering information about yourself or for others), meditation, discovering/understanding your past lives, crystal or stone work.  you may always be seeking for the next higher principle or skill.
25-Sensing the seasons-You may be one of those empaths that can, regardless of the media hype of the oncoming season, sense the "change in the air" that signals the turn of seasons.  You may experience a heighten sense of excitement, feel invigorated, feel a sense of loss.  Although the change of the season may not yet be visible, you can tell that the change is coming. 
So, are you becoming more convinced that you are an empathy?  If you are still not so sure, then return for tomorrow's next segment of markers 26-30.
Peace be with you.
In Love and Light-Always,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will consider other behaviors that may indicate that I am an EMPATH."
Glad to have you back!  This series of entries deals specifically with EMPATY.  Thus far, we have gone through half the list of 30 EMPATH markers.
These markers indicate the common characteristics that EMPATHS possess.  If at least 10 of the markers describe you, then the chances that possess empathic abilities.
Empath Markers 16-20
16-Boredom & Distraction-You tire easily of monotonous activities and require a high level of stimulation and interest in order to keep from getting distracted.  This distraction often leads to daydreaming or to bouncing from one activity to another.  If you have to sit for long periods of time, for example, at a meeting, in school, in church, at a lecture, then the chances are that you become very antsy and have to get up and move around.  Additionally, you may end up just doodling on your paper.
17-Listener-People are generally drawn to you because you are an active listener and will listen to what they have to say, especially if they have a troubling problem or issue.
18-Moody or Detached-Because it is so easy to become overwhelmed by his/her own feelings and issues as well as those of others, you may find it necessary to completely shut down and block out all, including your own, distractions.  You may become quiet and detached, and as a result, some people may call you moody or aloof.  You may also swing easily from one mood to another mood at a moment's notice.  This is because of the bombardment of outside stimuli.  Also, you may experience intensified emotions-when you are down, you feel really down.  When you are happy, you are really happy.  When you are frustrated, you feel really frustrated.
19-Addictive Personality-In order to block out your intense feelings and the feelings of others, you may turn to behavior that is addictive.  This is an attempt to protect yourself from so much stimuli.  Beware of alcohol and drugs, for these are most debilitating.  Almost any excessive activity/behavior can be addictive, so be careful and be  cognizant of what you turn to as a method of distraction and protection.  As for me, I throw myself into crafting; I just get myself into a frenzy, and focus so intently on the craft to the exclusion of all else. 
20-Avoid pre-owned items-You may not want pre-owned items in your home.  You may avoid antique shops, thrift shops, and vintage shops.  The energy that emanates from these pre-owned things affects you and makes you uncomfortable.  As for myself, I do enjoy antiquing, but have to be very selective of where I go, and only purchase certain kinds of items.  Others freak me out. 
So, dear friends, consider these traits and see if any of them ring true for you.  See you tomorrow with markers 21-25.
Be blessed, always.
In Love and Light-Always,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I deepen my understand of EMPATHY."
EMPATH-a person who has a paranormal ability to apprehend the physical, mental, or emotional state of another individual.
EMPATHY-the ability to understand and share the thoughts, emotions, and physical state of another.
Thanks for returning today for Empath Markers 11-15.
11-Fatigue-You are inexplicably tired all the time.  You lack energy, and to get up off the sofa or get yourself moving is a major task.  This is caused by the absorption of too much energy from the outside world and its people.  Also, empaths are often easy targets for those who are referred to as "energy vampires."  These are people who easily drain you of your energy because of their neediness, negativity, or psychopathy.
12-Creativity and Artistry-You are highly creative and may enjoy activities like painting, drawing, dancing, sewing, quilting, gardening, crafting, cooking, writing, woodworking, building, crocheting, knitting, et al.  Empaths love to create and love the art brought to life through their creative talents.  Engaging in the creative and artistic is an outlet for many empaths.  These activities allow you to relax, find peace, disengage from the troubles of the outside world, and bring to life something of beauty in a sometimes not-so-beautiful world. 
13-Freedom, Adventure, and/or Travel-You treasure freedom and enjoy doing your own thing regardless of how others feel about it.  You may not like being tied down to a set of rules, a place, a person.  You may enjoy walking in the woods, window shopping, doing something risky like parachuting or mountain climbing or parasailing.  You may also like to travel to new places and see the beauty the world has to offer.  Additionally, traveling from your current home allows you the opportunity to let go (even if for a little while) the burden of your home, family, friends, job, responsibilities.  You probably more enjoy less populated places like the seaside or the mountains.
14-Champion-You champion the underdog, or as the saying goes, "bring home the strays."  You hate to see anyone suffer from any lack or from any illness-mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.  You will usually be drawn to these people or animals, and want to help.
15-Control-You may detest being controlled either by others, rules, routine.  You may rebel against any of these, either aggressively or passive aggressively.  You dislike being forced into anything, especially if runs contrary to your belief system.  Anything that removes or threatens your personal, emotional, physical, or spiritual freedom may become abhorrent to you.
So, there you are.  The first 15 of 30 EMPATH markers.  I will continue to post the other markers over the next couple of day, so come back for the next grouping of numbers 16-20.
In Love and Light-Always,

Friday, October 30, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will closely monitor myself for the markers of EMPATHY."
Welcome back!  As you may recall, yesterday's entry dealt with EMPATHY, and provided the 5 most common markers of being an EMPATH.  Today's entry provides you with 5 additional markers.  Remember, the more markers you experience, the more likely it is that you are an EMPATH.
6-Clutter & Chaos Disturbs-You detest clutter, and disorganization makes you feel helpless, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  You have a need for order and organization.  Purging non-used items makes you feel better.  It helps you to lighten the load.  You may also feel better when reorganizing the closets, the garage, the kitchen cabinets, the drawers.  Doing this give you control and makes you feel better.  You also may be drawn to boxes, bins, baskets:  these are places to store things and create greater organization.
7-Search for Answers-You are always searching for the "why" of things.  Not having answers, even to simple questions, is frustrating.  You have a desire to know/understand "why" people do what they do, or "how" someone could do such a thing, or "what" has motivated someone to act in such a manner.  Having answers gives you a sense of safety and control.  You  may not agree with the answers, but you would rather have the answer than not have the answer.
8-Weight Gain-Inexplicably, you have put on some pounds, few or many.  This is either confusing, frustrating, or both.  You are not necessarily overeating, but the weight seems attracted to you.  You may have said things like "I just look at cake and put on five pounds."  This weight gain is the body's way of insulating you from the harsh outside world.  The extra weight also helps to ground you, keep you stable, and protect you.  The weight is like armor.  It stops the negativity of others from having full impact on you.
9-Dreaming and Daydreaming-You often escape into the world of dreams through sleep or daydreaming as a way of leaving behind the harsh realities of your situation.  This makes you feel better.  You may also have an imaginary "safe house"-a place in your imagination where you go when things become overwhelming.  (Mine is a big yellow house or a deserted beach on a sunny day).  Napping/sleeping may be attractive to you because it allows you time to escape into non-reality instead of dealing with reality.
10-Lack of Enjoyment=Lack of Motivation-You have a difficult time doing tasks that you hate, and you lack the motivation to get the task done.  The tasks you hate are those that you feel overwhelmed by.  You also may hate to participate and find little enjoyment in activities that make you feel like a hypocrite.  These activities run contrary to your belief system and being forced into participating, brings you anger and feelings of helplessness.  Additionally, because you dislike certain tasks or activities, others may label you antisocial, lazy, stubborn, idle.
Come back tomorrow for Empath Markers 11-15.
In Love and Light-Always,