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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will walk the path of transformation."

Transformation never comes without cost.  That cost is all of the experiences that we have on our human journey.  These experiences are intended to teach us about ourselves, and thus transform us from what we were to what we are to what we can become.

When you look back on some of your experiences, I am sure that you are not necessarily glad those experiences happened, but you are grateful for the wisdom they provided.  When you look back at who you were before the experience and compare that to who you are now, I would be willing to bet that who you are now is a wiser, more enlightened person--transformed.

Review what lessons you have learned.  Consider the path you are on.  Use the information from your experiences to move you along on the path and into transformation.

Never stop working toward evolving into a person far better than who you are right now.  Embrace the quest for transformation.

In Light and Love-Always,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today,  I am transforming."

Transformation is right around the corner.  Universe has supported and encouraged our transformation always. 

Spirit, like all things is in flux.  It is never stagnant.  And so, as we progress, we also transform.  Ultimately, the goal is to transform our spirits so that we can live a more peaceful and balanced and harmonious life.  So we can live in enlightenment. 

The more enlightened one becomes, thee more progress is possible.  progress is always possible, for even slow progress is far better than no progress at all.  But as the spirit transforms itself into a greater enlightened being, the more progress is possible, and the more enlightenment is gained.

For the gaining of wisdom  ever stops.  There is far too much to learn and know for enlightenment to stop.

So, go our way today and know that you are in the process of transformation.    Remind yourself of the state of the caterpillar and butterfly.  It's all a process.

In Light and Love-Always,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will contemplate on ebb and flow and work toward being in concert with each."

The universal energy flows around all things and is ever-present.  Never doubt that flow exists.  This is nothing that you can see with your naked eye.  Rather it is something that you can feel if you still your heart and mind and let it fill you.
You are a part of this Universal flow.  You are one among so many things that flow and ebb.
For in all things there is flow and ebb and these are the cycles of all living things.
Become attuned, dear people to the ebb and flow of your own life.
Understand that that which was full needs to empty, will empty.  And that which is empty will be refilled.
If you can begin to understand this cycle, your will gain insight and wisdom.    Go with the flow and ebb with the ebb.
This is our message to you today.  Ebb and Flow.  Flow and Ebb.
Be well always and call on us at any time for assistance.
In the Light of the One True God, the Universal Source of All That Is.
The Angels of the Brotherhood.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will remember that Universe supports my growth and progress."

Good morning.  I have a lovely channeled message for this this morning from the Angels of the Brotherhood.
"The spirit of the Univese surrounds you at all times.  There is never a time when you are not surrounded and protected by the Divine Presence.  Never fret that you are not connected enough.  You are always connected. 

Further your cababilities by asking Universe to open your herart and mind and spirit to more of the Divine essence, and you will begin to see many things that you could not see before. 

Your understanding will increase, and you will be able to each higher realms of existence.  You will be able to discern the finer stands of energy and see where those strands lead.

You will be able to assist those who are in search of those higher strands

Universe counsels patience in this, for this takes time and practice.  We know you are very familiar with practice and patience.  And what you ask is right beyond you but not out of touch.  Just stretch out your hand and reach for it.

Visualize your arm reaching out and touching that which you perceive is out of reach.  When you touch that which is out of reach, it will no longer be out of reach but in the palm of your hand.
Go with love in  your heart for all and be blessed as you are in Universe.  Go forth and continue to do good works.  We love you and support your growth and process and your future.  And it [your future] is currently manifesting, but remember the nature of cause and effect and let the cycle roll out as it should.  Do not be afraid of the future.  Universe has many great blessings yet to bestow upon you.  Indeed it will be pleasing to heart and mind and spirit.  Be well and be well loved.


The Angels of the Brotherhood of Angels.

In Light and Love-Always,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will begin to more closely listen to, trust, and follow my intuition."
When you review your last two years, you may notice that they have been two years of letting go, clearing out, and of insights, illuminations, and awakenings.
Yes, you are absolutely on the right track.  This is what Universe has intended for you.  The consciousness on the planet is rising, improving, and you are a part of it. 
Now is the time to further explore and advance your knowledge and wisdom and skill.  Now is the time to turn inward to your intuition and listen more closely to it and follow it. 
Trust what your intuition is telling.  The intuition is the Universe's primary mode of communication with us.  It is that small knowing, that small voice that speaks to us, that hits us in the solar plexus or bursts like a flash of light behind our eyes.
The more you rely on this Universal form of communication, the more attuned you will become to it, and thus, the more it will be developed.  Think of your intuition as a muscle.  The more a muscle is exercised, the stronger and more well defined it becomes.
So, for today, make a commitment to listen to and follow your intuition.  If you are need of a guide or teacher to help you further develop your intuition or to explore your areas of interest, then ask the Universe and one will come to you.
In Love and Light-Always,

Friday, January 23, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will be the river flowing gently around the rock and not the rock that obstructs the flow of the river."

Sometimes it is necessary for us to take a stand and advocate for those principles in which we believe, but other times it is equally necessary for us to retreat into the background and let Universe do its job.

It may be time to ask the Universe what it has planned for you and the best of action you should take in the meantime.  Like a little voice popping into your head at the most unlikely moment, Universe will reveal its purpose.

By having even just a little bit of information, we can better choose our own course of action-continue to fight or to submit.  We can either be the rock that obstructs the flow of the river, or we can be the river flowing gently around the rock.

Think about it.

In Love and Light-Always,

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will stop all self-criticism and self-condemnation and become who I want to be."

We are all far too critical of ourselves.  We deem ourselves unworthy.  We compare ourselves to others and then condemn ourselves because we feel we feel others have or do what we don't have or can't/don't do.

STOP this right now.

Stop the self-condemnation ad self-criticism. Stop comparing yourself and your life to others.

Readjust your focus on yourself only and wok toward what is important to you.  Accept yourself for what you are.  If there are elements of yourself or our life with which you are unsatisfied, work toward changing them.

Accept a complement for a change instead of denying yourself the praise.

Shake off those old habits like a dusty overcoat and begin changing your thinking about yourself.

If you don't do it, who will?  You deserve a life without the gallows standing in the background.

free yourself right now by making a promise to yourself that you will STOP self-criticism and self-condemnation and comparison to others.  Just do you.  Be you.  And if you are not sure of who you are, then begin your journey of discovery today.  Don't wait.  Do it now because there is a wonderful person inside of you dying to get out and enjoy the world.  Give yourself permission to come out of yourself and start living a free and satisfying life.

In Love and Light-Always,