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Spirit Seeds: Meditations for Harmony, Healing, and Enlightenment by Robin Milholland

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Within me resides a Divine essence.  Today, I reclaim my Divinity and move closer to the True Source of All That Is."
Rise above.
Today's message is to rise above the lower aspects of character.  Rise above the lower energies that surround you. 
Elevate your consciousness.  Reestablish and strengthen your connection to the Universal Source.
In this way, you become truer to your essence, to your Divinity.
The most important message that Universe wants to transmit to you is that you are Divine.  You are made from the light of stars and sun.  You shine.  You radiate.  In your true essence, this is who you are.
Deep within you resides a spark of light.  Like a bright star on a dark night.  It twinkles.  And as you embrace this essence, the spark grows larger.  As you reclaim your essence of Light, as you claim ownership of who you are, you come closer to the True Source.
So, for today, remind yourself that this is who you are.  You are made of the Divine Light and ultimately, to this Divine Light you shall return.  Nurture your Divine nature, and all will be well.
In Love and Light-Always,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I be a Lightworker for the highest and greatest good of all."

Becoming a Lightworker.

A Lightworker is one who cultivates his/her intuitive sense, forms a deeper connection with the Universe Source and all it has to offer, and uses his/her gifts for the highest and greatest good of all.  This means that he/she teachers others, guides, heals, leads those who seek him/her out for assistance.

To be a Lightworker means to work in the light.  The light is love and goodness and pure intentions.  To be a Lightworker is to open oneself up to the highest forces of the Universe and to work cooperatively with the highest of the Light Regions and the celestial beings.

Some Lightworkers teach yoga or provide holistic care.  Some are reiki masters or doctors or nurses.  Some have access to higher knowledge and wisdom.  Some read cards or energy.  Some can see events in the past or future.  Some channel the Higher Realm through writing or voice.  Some have the capability, using their hands and their senses to detect blockages or illness within the auric field or chakra system.  Some, like my friend Lisa, work with animals.  Some help the disabled.

There are many, many ways to be a Lightworker.  One just needs to open his/her heart and say, "I want to work in the Light.  I want to work for the highest and greatest good of all.  I want to cultivate the talents that I have and be an instrument of my Higher Power/Universal Source/Love & Healing."

You decide how best you can use what you have for others.  If there is a talent or interest that you want to learn more about or learn how to do, then seek out a teacher.  Many times, once you have formed the intention, someone who can help you shows up in your life.

Don't be afraid to be a Lightworker.  Some of you already are Lightworkers and don't even realize it.

Keep yourself on a path of Light, and the Light will always shine on you.  Many blessings.

In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will begin to nurture myself.  I will work toward self satisfaction and happiness within myself instead of outside myself."

Greetings and Salutations!!

Isn’t it funny how we go on each day going to our jobs, or making the beds, doing laundry, cooking meals, putting a smile on our faces and pushing through when we are so vastly unhappy with ourselves and our lives? 
 How do we do it?  We push aside the unhappiness, telling ourselves that it is foolish for us to feel this way, that we are being silly, that we have so much to be grateful for. 
We bury ourselves in books or computer games or cooking or shopping or lunching with friends.  In some cases we turn to darker, more self destructive pursuits.  We push down the unhappiness so much so that, at some point, we don’t even realize that we are unhappy.  We just know we are tired and frustrated and fed up.
 Then, one day, for no real good reason that we can put our finger on, we explode! We scream and yell and cry, maybe even break things or punch things or throw things (yikes!), and the great irony is we don’t even realize, at that moment of greatest anguish, that we are unhappy.  We ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?  Why am I acting like this?”  We have become so expert at burying our real feelings that we can’t see it for what it is.
 The problem is that if we admit that we are unhappy, then that somehow implies that there is something wrong, something deficient in us that prevents us from generating happiness, from being happy.
What we are, is not deficient, but afraid.  We are afraid of ourselves.  We are afraid of how far we have come away from who we used to be to where we are now.  We are afraid that we have not lived up to others' expectations or our own expectations.  We are afraid that we haven't accomplished all those things that were so incredibly important to us when we were younger.
My dear darlings,  we got this way because we never took the time to nurture ourselves.  We put everyone and everything before us, thinking that self nurturing made us selfish.  Self nurturing is selfishness; it is necessary.
Even in airplanes, the attendant will instruct the passengers, that in a case of an emergency, we should put the oxygen bag on ourselves first, then assist others.  This insures that we have the necessary resources to help others.
Begin thinking about putting on your own metaphorical oxygen bag. 
Honeys, if you give, give, give, do, do, do, then you have nothing left for yourself.
For once in you life, FOCUS ON YOURSELF!  NURTURE YOURSELF!   The more you nurture and be kind to yourself, the less angry, frustrated, tired, unhappy you will be, and the more you will feel revitalized, balanced, and in harmony.
Now, don't just read all of this and say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I don't have time to nurture myself.  I am so busy." 
But I say, "Don't be ridiculous.  If you want to feel better, then you must actively pursue it.  Take the time.  Make the time. 
Ask the Universe for help.  Call upon the Angelic Realm to show you, to lead you, to teach you how to self nurture.
Be well, dearies.
In Love and Light-Always,

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will be my own knight in shining armor and come to my own rescue."
What is wrong with women?  I’ll tell you what’s wrong with women.  What’s wrong with women is that we’ve been conditioned since our girlhoods to believe in the Knight in Shining Armor who comes riding in at the most dire moment to swoop us up into the saddle and carry us off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

So how can we be blamed for spending our lives stalking the ultimate big game-the Knight in Shining Armor? 

 Every cute boy, every handsome man we meet who looks at us with that certain look in his blue or brown or green or hazel eyes, we dress up in shiny metal, put a plume in his helmet (or his ball cap or his cowboy hat or is sun visor-you get the picture), and a long lance in his gauntleted hand and pursue him with every feminine wile we have.

It’s even worse when crisis strikes because then we look, not to our feminine selves as being capable of being our own knight in shining armor, but to the herd of males, potential shiny men out there who we think can save us.
Our first introduction to the knight, whether shiny or tarnished, is our fathers-big strong, powerful, the superman of knights.,  It doesn’t matter how good or evil he is, he is our first superman of knights. 
We graduate from dad to Ken who has perfect plastic hair, not a hint of 5 o’clock shadow, and no penis with which we would be threatened.
 Then comes the middle school boys-the cute little trouble makers who tease us, snap our bra straps and who definitely have penises with which to threaten us-the first males to have penises.
 Our next encounter with knights are the high school boys-the athletic well formed males who strut like peacocks down the hall surrounded by females who compete with each other for his attention.    Or they are the dangerous boys who slouch and goof off in class and answer back and cuss and maybe even smoke.  There is a certain appeal in the bad boy knight.  His badassness shows he has the toughness to protect us from dragons and other boys.  All these high school boys definitely have penises and they definitely threaten us and sometimes we want to be threatened, we may even like being threatened.  We may not let them threaten us, but we like knowing they possess a certain threateningness.
Then, of course, we marry the man we think is our destined Knight in Shining Armor.  How disappointed we can become when this perfect guy turns out to have flaws, and somehow doesn't know how or isn't truly capable of saving  us from the witches and dragons and trolls that live under bridges.  Now what do we do??? 
It's time for an AWAKENING!  What we find is that hiding way back in our closets, among all the clothes and shoes and purses we bought that we probably didn't need, is a dusty, tarnished suit of armor.  We ask ourselves, "Where did this come from?"
Well, nobody put it there.  It was there all along. We drag it out, dust it off, shine it up, and put it on.   Wow!  How surprised we are when it fits, a little awkward maybe, but it fits.  Even the fancy sword fits in our hands.  We may not really know yet how to use it, but we certainly can wave it around.
Ladies, the more we get used to how the armor fits and how to use the sword, the more we realize that we are not helpless, not without resources, not without power.
It is time for us to reclaim ourselves as powerful beings in our own right. King Arthur's motto was "Might for Right."  Our feminine motto should be "Might for Right is Right for Us!"
So, girls, go clean out your closets.  You may just find that suit of armor that you didn't know was there.
In Love and Light-Always,


Friday, July 18, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will reconnect with my most precious friends and tell them I love them and appreciate them."

Our closest and most precious friends are a wonderful resource to us.  They bless our lives with what they have to offer, and the best thing is that they offer it to us freely.

Did you ever not see a close friend for some time and then pick up the phone and pick up exactly where you left off as if no time had passed?  This is one of the things that classifies a "best friend".

I have three close and precious "best" friends.  I have know two of them for almost 30 years.  We have traveled parallel roads, but a couple of times a year, our paths intersect, and we catch up. 

We have seen and shared each other's joy and success, as well as each other's pain and suffering.

These three wonderful women are quality women.  They are the best women I know.

They are strong, independent, highly intelligent.  They are fighters-they fight for themselves and what they know is right. 

They embody all of the qualities that I value and admire.  I love them.

So, in honor of my  three sister-souls, I dedicate this post.

I don't know what my life would be like without them-less enriched, less full.

So, dear friend-readers, consider your close and precious friends.  Pick up the phone and check in with them.  Invite them over for coffee or tea, invite them for luncheon, make a trip and visit them or invite them to make a trip to visit you.  Look them up on Facebook, reconnect with them.  They will be happy to hear from you, as you will be happy to hear their voices, even if it is a texted voice.

Appreciate these women and men who have played an integral part in the person you have become.

Here is a little vignette about Lisa, one of my three most precious friends:

     About twenty years ago, when my daughter was less than a year old, our family had experienced 
     a severe financial difficulty.  I was overwrought.  I didn't know what to do.  I got a phone call from Lisa who is a wonderful and talented psychic reader (today she specializes in animal reiki and reading).  She asked me is everything was o.k. because she had gotten a feeling about me.  I told her what was happening.  She was loving and supportive and she gave me courage and insight and guidance.  About a week later, a large package came via delivery company.  When I opened the box, it was filled with clothes, brand new clothes, for my daughter.  I cried.  I called her right away to thank her for her goodness and generosity.  Do you know what she told me??  She said, "Rob, what are friends for?" 

Dear friend-readers-love you friends and appreciate the selflessness they bring into your life.

In Love and Light-Always,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will be courageous and put fear aside and reclaim my own personal power."
Through our journeys in the human world, we have encountered numerous examples of the use of power-not always good.  As we perceive power, we perceive it as a force that puts us in charge, something we can wield, like a sword.  It is a word that has grown to have negative connotations.
We need to begin to rethink power.  Think of it as not as something we use against others, but something we use to strengthen ourselves.
Power, real power, is a force that resides within us.  We should learn to embrace it and use it for our highest and greatest good.
Power is strength and authority and courage and love and not fear.  Fear directly contradicts power.  Those who fear, temporarily misplace their power.
Do not be in a hurry to be powerful, but cultivate love, patience, inner strength, and this is power.
Power is not aggression or violence.  These are misuses of power manifested through fear.  Prejudice is manifested through fear, and this is not power either.
Power is silent.  It is in the gently manner of man.  It is in love that power resides, not in hatred or killing or fear.
Cultivate the love in your own heart, and this is power.
So, my friends, contemplate your own personal power today, and ask yourself what is preventing you form embracing it and owning it.  Move beyond fear and into courage.  Use your power wisely-always for the highest and greatest good of all. 
In Love and Light-Always,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will self-check myself for my auric health.  I will center, balance, and ground myself."

Today, I thought I would give you a brief preview of one of the chapters in the Spirit Seeds meditation book.

This excerpt is from Chapter 3-Centering, Balancing, Grounding.  It is not the entire chapter, (I can't give too much away before publication), but it will give you idea about the book.

           "Each of us has an invisible layer of protective energy that surrounds our physical bodies.  It radiates outward approximately two to four inches from the physical body and is made up of electromagnetic energy.  It is our human force field and it is called the auric field, or simply, the aura.

When we are healthy and balanced, the aura is healthy and balanced.  When we are not healthy and balanced, the aura is not healthy and balanced.  And when the aura is not healthy and balanced, then it can thin out in places or develop bulges, wavy ridges, or what seem to be hairline cracks.  The aura isn’t actually cracked, of course, but the energy is so thin that it looks like it’s cracked. 

These problematic auric conditions are caused by any number of factors.  The most primary would be experiencing extended periods of stress and anxiety, or exposure to high levels of negativity, such as being in a hostile work or home environment, or in constant contact with someone who is angry or hateful, bitter or resentful, jealous or mean. 

Sometimes, our own negative emotions or our diminished mental, emotional or physical states can also tax the aura.  The auric field is strong and protective, but under such diminished or strenuous conditions, it surely can become weakened and not as effective or protective as it should be. 

            When this occurs, we may feel out of sorts, irritable, quick to anger, quick to react.  We may experience mood swings.  We may feel scattered, unorganized, frustrated.  We may become clumsy, bump into things, trip over things.  Additionally, when the aura is weak, so is our immune system; thus, making us more susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flus.  The necessity of keeping the aura strong and balanced is clear:  without its strength and balance, we are a mess!

            The best way we can ensure that our auric field is in good working order is to center, balance, and ground our energy.  This means that we collect all of our energy that has become scattered or lost and concentrate it around our physical bodies, and we reconnect it, ground it, deep into the earth.  Remember how Peter Pan lost his shadow and how Wendy needed to reattach it?  This process is similar.  Our energy is lost, and we need to reattach it, not with needle and thread, of course, but with breathing and visualizing and drawing in."
In Love and Light-Always,