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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"I am part of the whole that is God."
"Once again, we come to you with this message:  Man is Divine.  Man is made from the same energy as all celestial beings.  Man is God on earth.  not a god, but the essence of God.
Each man embodies a piece of the spirit that is God, and so man is Divine.
All the efforts of the Higher Realms are intended to bring man back to his essence.  To get man to recognize his inner being as part of the God Whole.  Each man, woman, and child makes up the totality of the whole of God.
We in the celestial realm welcome you back to your glorious beginnings and it is our role to counsel you to reach this knowledge and come back into harmony and balance with all things.
We know this is difficult because the human mind cannot understand the whole, but only sees the part.  But being part of the whole is true nonetheless.
Bring your heart and mind into accord what is good and true and pure.  Work toward this end
choose paths that will lead you back to the center of who you are.
Be part of the jet stream that is the Divine source of all that is.  In this way you move toward your destine as and reclaim your identity as celestial."

In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, September 1, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will invite angels into my life and accept their loving assistance."
Look for angels in your life.  Look for the signposts that are answers to your questions.  Look for the wisdom of friends.  Listen to the tiny voice inside that offers guidance.
All of these are angel voices. 
Angels are here for us.  They love us and want us to reunite with the Universal Source.  They know, as we may not, that we are divine. that we embody the same Divine energy as the Source.  We were created from the Source, and that in the end, we will return to the Source of all that good and true and pure. 
Our earthly journey is a short one, and with each lifetime, we encounter the lessons that we need  to bring us closer to our true selves.  And the angelic realm is here to help.  The angels are God's ultimate gift to us.
Our Higher Power knows how difficult the earthly journey can be, and that we cannot possibly do it alone.  So why do we constantly think that we are alone or that we have to face our challenges without any help at all.
We don't.  Acknowledging the existence of angels and asking for angelic help brings them instantly to our side.  They want to help us, and they do, if we ask.
Invite them into your life and see the difference it makes to have the celestial assistance that may be missing from your life right now.
Don't wait.  Just ask, "Angels, come into my life and help me."  The more you invite angels into your life, the more assistance you get, and the more assistance you get, the easier the challenges are to overcome.
Be well and enjoy a growing relationship with angels.
In Love and Light-Always,

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will set a boundary and stick with it.  I will not relent."
One morning, as I looked into the mirror, I saw a woman staring back at me that I did not recognize.  She had my eyes and nose and mouth and hair, but there was something about her that was unrecognizable. 
I stared into her eyes and said to her, "How did we get here?  How did we come to this point where we don't even recognize each other?"  The answer was far simpler than I realized at that moment.  The answer was Boundaries and Limitations.
Over the years, I had modified myself according to what others wanted, what others needed.  I had become, not a better, more mature version of myself, but someone who did not know when to put herself first, to take care of herself.  I became the ultimate doer for others and I atrophied, wrinkled, and dried up inside.  I gave until I didn't even realize what I had done.  This was the woman staring at me in the mirror that morning.
It is essential for our personal health and well-being to determine what our limits and boundaries are.  Before, I thought that by setting boundaries and limitations I was selfish, and that thought made me feel guilty, and it went against everything I had been taught in my very traditional childhood.
But that morning, staring at the stranger in the mirror, I realized that I had been wrong.  I had drawn a line, but that line keep moving farther and farther back until my back was against the wall, and there was nowhere else for me to go.  I was spent.  I had given all that I had and now I had nothing left for myself.
Maybe you recognize this story.  It is a common one.  Maybe this is your story today, right now, and you are wondering, "What the hell do I do now?"
For me, I had to contemplate the empty shell that stared back and ask myself, "How do I fix this?  How do I bring this emotional and spiritual corpse back to life?"  I began to see this person as someone who needed my help, and since I was a helper, I could help her.  I could care about her.  I could nurture her and nurse her back to health.
It took a long time to resurrect her, but it was worth it.  And that is something you need to realize about yourself.  YOU are worth it.  YOU are just as important as everyone else in your life.  In fact, Maybe you are even more important, because if you weren't, no one would have relied on you to do the job for them, to give to them, to do for them at the expense of yourself.
I began with baby steps.  I began with taking a hard look at myself and asking myself, "What do I need ?"  It dawned on me that the invisible lines that were my boundaries no longer existed, and I needed to reestablish them.  Slowly, I began to say 'No," or "I'd like to but it isn't a good time for me now."  Slowly, I began to focus more on myself and become more consciously aware of my own energy level and what was best for me.
I knew I would piss off some people with my new focus.  And I did.  Those who had always been used to me doing for them without question, became angry and said some lousy things, but I shielded myself, and realized that they did this because I would no longer allow them to use the manipulation they had always used to get me to do what they wanted.  Little by little. however, as I stuck to  my guns, they relented, but they tried different techniques to manipulate me into giving in to their needs.  I held steadfast.  Eventually, the dust settled, they relented, and I recovered.
I have found, that if I am not vigilant, that I can get myself right back into that situation if I am not careful.  Recently, I made a pact with myself.  I created two categories:  Essential and Nonessential.
Each day I take the time to evaluate what is essential for me and what is nonessential.  I let go of the nonessential and focus on the essential.  So far, I have managed to keep myself focused and free of all kinds of commitments that would deplete my energy and commitment to my priorities.
I want this story to be a testament to you that if this is your story too, you can resurrect yourself.  You can give yourself a chance to recoup your losses.  You must be brave, however, because people will resent that you are finally maintaining a boundary, and are saying NO.  But don't relent out of guilt.  Hold steadfast to your commitment to have a boundary. 
Give it a try.  Try one incident, maybe with a colleague, since you have less invested in a relationship with a colleague than with a family member or close friend.  Stick to it and see what happens.  Let the results empower you.  If they get pissed off, then you know you are doing the right thing.
Good luck.  I will send healing and powerful energy your way to help you maintain your boundary and your steadfastness to it.
In Love and Light-Always,

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will work toward my own enlightenment and those who need the Light."
"All men are created in the form of the One and this means that within man, in his deepest core, is an essence of Divinity. 
Man has strayed far from the Divine Self whom he once knew.  It is our hope that man will reconnect with his Divine Self and come closer to who he was meant to be.
Consciousness is changing, but it is changing slowly.  But we will see in a short time, according to Universal time, an increase in the consciousness of the planet.
There will be events that will occur that will heighten the awareness of all.  We, in the realm above, will allow these events because man needs a kick start.
Man's overall awareness is still low, and by allowing certain events to occur, we bring man closer together into one species instead of separated by divisions that only man has created.
We counsel you to be steadfast and to form a unity with others.
Those of you who are Lightworkers, who are enlightened, shall be relied upon to help those who are lesser in consciousness than yourselves.  It is our hope that the wise shall lead the ignorant and through the wisdom of the Light, the ignorant shall gain the Light.
We are allowing events that will not change the course of earth history, but change the course of man's history.
We choose to inform you of these so that you can better prepare yourselves.  We want man to continue his journey upon the earth, but with a higher consciousness and more of a connection to his species.
Be steadfast, and seek wisdom in all things.
Evaluate your own lives and see where you can make adjustments and bring more light into the dark places of your hearts and minds and spirits.
Release old and outmoded emotions.  Let go of grudges, for a time will come when you will need to assist those that you have formed grudges against.
Do not worry for you well being for the Universe will always take care of you.
We bring these messages to you today, not to overly worry or concern you, but to alert you to begin or continue modifying your consciousness and awareness.
It is our role in the angelic realm to oversee the history and events of man.  It is our role to give guidance and support where we can and assist man in his planetary journey.
It is our hope that man will embrace his union with man.  And through this planetary union, man will survive to live long on the planet and prosper and raise his consciousness. 
Push yourselves to always form an understanding of others, for in understanding others, you better understand yourselves.
We love you greatly and support your continued growth and enlightenment.  It is not our purpose to bring bad news to you, but to bring enlightening information that you can use to better yourselves.
So go now be enlightened and work and live in the Light.  Pray for those living in ignorance that they may open their minds to let the light shine through.
This is all we have to say to you today.
Be well and know that you are always blessed.  There has never been a time when you have not been blessed or overseen by the Light and love of the Universe Source of All That Is.
We love you dearly, be well and prosper in the Light.  Now and always.  As it has always been."
Angels of the Principalities.
In Light and Love-Always,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will create something some nothing.  I will manifest that which good and true and pure and for my highest and greatest good."
"In the beginning of time which has no beginning, middle, or end, there was nothing but the energy and power of the universe.  And this energy infused all that there was and created something from nothing.
It is our hope that you will recognize that from nothing, you cab create something of great value.  All things and beings have power and energy, and when you combine all forces of energy:  mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy into one entity, then you have a powerful resource for manifesting that which can come into physical being.
This is our message to you today:  Create something from nothing.  Recognize that you are a powerful spiritual being with powerful thoughts and you have the capacity to manifest all that is necessary for your personal and spiritual growth.
Look above and beyond where you stand currently and see the larger view of your life.  Focus on the highest and best good you can imagine and then manifest it.
The great Universal Source of All That Is supports your growth and encourages you to come closer and closer to your true spiritual self. 
Rely on all of resources available to you to create the life that you want.  Work always for the highest and greatest good of all, and share your blessings with others.
In this we hold steadfast for we want what is best for you.  We love you much and thus we bring this message to you today.
Slough off the dead scales of inactivity and outmoded thinking.  Rise above the petty thinking that surrounds you.  Recognize that you are a powerful individual and the Universe supports your growth and enlightenment.  Worry not about those who seek to tether you to the lower levels of consciousness, for they cannot do so unless you allow it.  Do not allow it.  Keep your head and eyes up, focus on that which is Good and True and Pure.
Be blessed always as you truly are.  Bring light into your life and share it with others.
We counsel you in this because we love and care about you.
-The Angels of the Principalities-"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will be grateful for the knowledge and wisdom I have gained in my life journey."
A Tarot Story
Part End
One afternoon,  the youth came upon a place that he had seen before, long before when he first stepped out onto the road.  He saw an old, familiar gnarled tree at the side of clear, calm, slow-flowing river, and realized that he was thirsty.  He took his old tin cup and reached over the edge of the bank to fill it with cool water.

As he dipped his cup into the river, he saw a face reflected there that he had not seen before.  The hair gray and thinning.  The face was leathery and wrinkled, but the eyes were peaceful and wise and kind.  He smiled at the face, and the face smiled back.  
He brought the cup to his lips and noticed, for the first time, that his hands slightly shook.  He sat down with his back against the ancient tree and stretched out his legs.  He reached down and stroked the head of the faithful old dog who had traveled the long road with him.  He folded his hands in his lap, closed his eyes, and said, “This journey was a good journey.  I have come full circle.  I have learned much and I am happy and satisfied.”
Every day is journey and every day's journey creates a lifetime journey.  And every lifetime journey makes up our soul journey.  And like the youth in the story, we encounter many experiences that contribute to our growth and bring us knowledge and wisdom.
It is this wisdom and knowledge that helps us walk the long road and navigate through the tough terrain.  So although you may not be grateful for the difficulties in your life, be grateful for what you have learned because of them.
In Light and Love-Always,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will look beyond illusion and see the reality."
A Tarot Story
Part V
He applied his great insight to his own journey.  He remembered times of toil and times of rest; times of ease and times of struggle; times of ignorance and times of deep understanding.  He smiled, nodded his head, and said aloud, “From now on, I will strive for balance in all things.”  And he did strive for balance.  He found his journey more satisfying, more enriching.  He found himself more peaceful, more serene.

But, despite these new insights, there were times when the lower aspects of his character interfered with his journey. He experienced anger, jealousy, bitterness, and resentment.  Sometimes he acted with selfishness and conceit and arrogance.  Sometimes he acted hurtfully to others and caused them pain or grief.  This hurt him too, for the journey was an important one, and this darker side of himself caused him setbacks and brought him to a standstill.  He knew this was not what he wanted.  He knew he needed to rise above his own primitive aspects of self.
On a particularly clear night, as he was camped on a plain, he looked up into the dark blue sky.  The brilliance of the stars overwhelmed him.  He was in awe.  He began to count how many of them he saw, then he realized how great the universe was and how the number of stars was uncountable.  He felt small and insignificant under the heavens.  Just then a star arced through the sky-a shooting star.  He took it as a sign, a word, a message, a gift from the Universe.  He felt blessed and inspired. 
That night, under the beauty of the night sky, he fell asleep and dreamed of many things.  He dreamed of trees that turned into spirit forms; he dreamed of whispering rocks and songful streams; he dreamed of roads that turned into rivers. 
In the morning, as the sun rose over the horizon, he woke with his dreams still fresh in his conscious awareness.  He contemplated them.  He saw them anew, not in the light of the moon which cast an unreal veil over his thoughts, but in the bright light of day.  He was able to interpret them.  To see them as representations of his long and sometimes arduous journey.  He knew then that Universe had shown him the difference between appearance and reality.  This was great wisdom, and he vowed  that he would look upon the world with new eyes and do his best to separate what he thought was real from what he knew he was real. 
This was a great asset to him as he continued his travels.  He was better able to assess and evaluate with greater clarity.  He was able to make wiser, more informed choices and decisions.  He was able to judge what he had previously perceived to be truth from what was actual truth.
Dear Friends. there are many illusions out there; we encounter them everyday.  Many even live their lives in total illusion, rejecting or ignoring or be unaware that their lives are an illusion.
Let me counsel you to strive for the reality.  Perhaps it may not be as glamorous as the illusion, but it is truer and purer and, of course, realer.  It is only in reality that we can progress.  We must begin somewhere, sometime.
Ask the Universe to assist with shedding the illusions with which you have lived and bring reality into your consciousness.  By doing this, you illuminate your mind and your spirit, you are given the opportunity to release those things that have caused blockages in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.
This may not be an easy task for you, but I encourage you not to turn your face away; embrace the enlightenment that Universe offers you, for what is waiting for you is much, much better than what you have now.
In Love and Light-Always,