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Spirit Seeds: Meditations for Harmony, Healing, and Enlightenment by Robin Milholland

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today's Affirmation

"Today, I get to choose."

"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get," said Forrest Gump, but this statement implies that our choices are random and left up to a quick pick.  

Instead, what about, "Life is like a box of chocolates; I get to choose the one I want."  Ah, much better. This implies that our own choices are in our own hands.  I like this much better than just reaching in and grabbing something and having no control over the choice.

Everything, everything, everything is a choice.  Even choosing not to choose is a choice.  When we acknowledge that we it is our right to choose, that we are allowed to choose, that we can choose, we reclaim our personal power.  We take responsibility for our lives and no one else to blame when things go awry.

Making personal choices and taking personal responsibilitiy for ourselves is key if we intent on moving forward on our life path.  

So, today, embrace choosing.  Be in control of your own life.  

If you have made a choice that is unsuccessful, then choose how you will handle it and make it successful.

Choose with awareness, and then own it.

In Love and Light-Always,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will recognize and appreciate those who have had a significant impact on who I have become."
Each of us, if we think carefully about it, will discover that there are, or were, very specific individuals who have had a significant impact on the person who we have become.  These people have molded us, influenced us, mentored us, loved us.  They have served as models for who we want to be.  They have made us better people or inspired us to become better people.
There are four women that have played this role for me:  my mother, my grandmother, my Vavo (grandmother in Portuguese), and my husband's mother whom I love as much as if she were my own mother.
My mother, Irene, passed away almost ten years ago, and I miss her every day.  She was one of the strongest, bravest women I know.  She endured a life fraught with illness, from clinical depression to an aneurism to a brain tumor to cancer.  She taught me how to endure, how to survive and be brave.  She taught me how to be creative and she instilled in me a love of books and reading.  She is my mother, and what I have gained from her I carry in my heart and my soul.
My grandmother, Mary, was an immigrant from the "old country," from the Azores.  She also endured hardship when she was a girl.  She was the second oldest of seven children, and when her mother, my great-grandmother, Beatrice, came to America with the younger children, my grandmother was left behind with her father's brother and his wife (who was a terribly abusive woman) because there wasn't enough money for her passage. 
She was a woman of incredible inner strength and a strong survival instinct.  At eighteen, she finally came to America.  She taught herself to read and write English, worked in a factory that made thread, lost a child, my mother's older brother, and cut her own grass until she was 73.
From her I experienced tolerance, unconditional love, and patience.  She gave me a love of wildlife and gardening.  She taught me independence and steadfastness.  She taught me how to peel potatoes and how to sew by hand, how to crochet, how to embroider.  She instilled in me a love of not only hard work, but beauty as well.
My Vavo, Isabelle, also was an immigrant from "das ilhas"-the islands of the Azores.  For the entirety of  her life, she spoke very little English, but understood everything.  She loved watching Jeopardy and she was a politics enthusiast.  She was a brilliant woman. 
My Vavo always had a pot of soup on the stove and a cake on her counter.  She always had a tablecloth on her table for every meal.  She sewed without a pattern, and when I was a child, she would let me pull the pins out of the clothing after she had sewn the parts together.  She made me, along with all of her other granddaughters more dresses and outfits than I can count.  She canned countless mason jars of pears and eggs and onions and peppers.  She made sausage by hand and grew
She taught me a love of creating-taking raw material, whether cloth or vegetable or meat and creating things that nurtured others. 
My mother-in-law, Anne, is the final pillar in the building that has served as part of the foundation of my adult womanhood.  She is granny.  She is unconditionally loving and kind and patient and sweet.  She is never critical, and when one of the grandchildren are acting up, her words are "be sweet."  She is the ultimate nurturer.  She never has an unkind word to say to anyone, and is the perfect example of selflessness.
Because of her, the rough edges of my character have been smoothed out.  I have learned to leave sarcasm and criticism behind and become kinder, more patient and loving and selfless.  I want to be like her, and I aspire to that end. 
When I lost my own mother, she became my primary feminine role model.  She is so giving to others and never asks for anything for herself.  She raised 7 children, my husband being the third.  She cared for and nurtured 14 grandchildren.  When I reach my full maturity, I want to be like her.
So, my dear readers, open your eyes and recognize those who have made the most significant contributions to who you have become.  Tell them how much they mean to you.  Tell them, often, how much you love and appreciate their love and support.
Be well.  Now and always.
In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, July 28, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will remind myself that a candle should only burn at one end."
If you are burning the candle at both ends, stop immediately!  It is time to get a clue that if you deplete yourself, then there will be nothing else to give.
Change your thinking about taking care of yourself.  It is o.k. to slow down.  It is o.k. to cut back and do less. 
Here is a secret:  The fate of the entire world (or company or job) does not rest solely on your shoulders.  A friend of mine once told me, "If you drop dead tomorrow, they (whoever 'they' are) will replace you.  Imagine that!  We are expendable to others.  We are not, however, expendable to ourselves or our families.
So, if you find yourself tired out, fed up, "...like butter spread over too much bread"-Bilbo Baggins, then it is time to reevaluate and begin taking better care of yourself.
Instead of calling in sick, call in well.  Say to yourself, "I feel too good today to sit behind my desk.  I need a break."  Then take it.
You are important to those who love you.  You are also important to yourself.  Treat yourself with importance, even if it means putting an "out of office" message on your email.  Take a day to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.  The company will survive for one day so you can bring yourself back into harmonious balance. 
In Light and Love-Always,

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will seek and create harmony.  Today I will live in harmony with all."
Good morning from the burgh!  I have left my homeland of Florida on a vacation jaunt to the North Hills of Pennsylvania, about 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh.  What a lovely relief to be away from the southern humidity and be in such a cool and crisp environment filled with northern trees and birds that we just don't see in South Florida.
My brother-in-law, Christopher (I also have a brother named Christopher), lives in Harmony-Harmony, Pennsylvania.  But what a lovely place to call home. 
We should all live in harmony-harmony with ourselves, with others, with our environment.  We should make it our purpose beginning today.
So, ask yourself, "What would it take to bring harmony into my life today?"  And then work toward it.  You don't need a lifetime plan, just a plan for today.  Then tomorrow, ask yourself, "What would it take to bring harmony into my life today?"  And then the day after tomorrow, do the same.
Daily harmony leads to weekly harmony and monthly harmony, and before you know it, you are so used to creating harmony, that when harmony goes awry, you crave it, and rebuild it.
So, my dearies, let HARMONY be your keyword today.  Let it be today's purpose. 
In Love and Light-Always,

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Today's Affirmation
 "Today I will decide what to do with time that is given to me."
Frodo:  "I wish the ring had never come to me."
Gandalf:  "So do all who see such times.  But that is not for them to decide.  All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you."
Truth comes to us in the most unexpected of ways sometimes.  And here, from The Lord of the Rings is great wisdom. 
Wishing something had never happened is futile because it has happened and we cannot undo it.  What is done is done.  But what we can do, what is a much better investment of our time and energy is to face what has happened and choose a course of action.
So often we are paralyzed by our own inaction.  We stymy ourselves.  We fall into the trap of worry, anxiety, and even resentment over the events that have occurred in our lives.  We fail accept what has happened and we wallow in the events-frustrated, confused, frozen.
We cannot change events, but we can change the way we approach them.  We can take charge.  We can formulate a plan of action and follow it through.  This movement keeps the energy flowing, and we get through the event more quickly. 
It begins to dawn on us that we are not helpless victims.  We are people of action.  We can take our own lives in our own hands and do something with it-we can move forward.
We push through the fear, push through the uncertainty.  We move forward.
And this is today's message.  Don't let events in your life paralyze you.  Don't let events in your life victimize you.  Don't let events in your life keep you mired in wishing and hoping things had never happened.  They have happened, so now what are you going to do about it??
In Love and Light-Always,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I embrace my intuition.  Today I will actively work toward honing my intuitive sense."
Rely on your intuition.  There is a reasons that intuition is called the sixth sense and it is not because it is occult or separate from the other senses.  It is because it is a part of the entire sensual package:  seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, perceiving.
Just the way we rely on our sight or our sense of smell to guide us through our human lives, we must reconnect probably the most important of the senses-intuition.
Beginning today, work actively on honing your intuitive sense.  Trust it.  Follow it.  Embrace the idea that it is part of the ALL just as all of the others are.
When we ignore the gift of intuition, we deny that which is part of us, just as if we were to refuse to recognize that we have a second arm or leg.  If we did this, we would severely impair ourselves, and our daily achievement would be that much more difficult.
I'm sure we all have heard "sight impaired," "hearing impaired."  But what about "intuition impaired?"  Think about it. 
Embrace your intuition.  The more you use it, the more sharpened it will become and the less impaired you will be.
In Love and Light-Always,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Within me resides a Divine essence.  Today, I reclaim my Divinity and move closer to the True Source of All That Is."
Rise above.
Today's message is to rise above the lower aspects of character.  Rise above the lower energies that surround you. 
Elevate your consciousness.  Reestablish and strengthen your connection to the Universal Source.
In this way, you become truer to your essence, to your Divinity.
The most important message that Universe wants to transmit to you is that you are Divine.  You are made from the light of stars and sun.  You shine.  You radiate.  In your true essence, this is who you are.
Deep within you resides a spark of light.  Like a bright star on a dark night.  It twinkles.  And as you embrace this essence, the spark grows larger.  As you reclaim your essence of Light, as you claim ownership of who you are, you come closer to the True Source.
So, for today, remind yourself that this is who you are.  You are made of the Divine Light and ultimately, to this Divine Light you shall return.  Nurture your Divine nature, and all will be well.
In Love and Light-Always,