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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will set my expectations at a reasonable, realistic, and attainable level."

Sometimes it is not our capability, it is our expectation.  Many of us may be overachievers, and as a result, we tend to set expectations a little to high.  This leads to disappointment and self condemnation when we don't meet the expectations.

In reality, it is the expectation that is unreasonable or unrealistic.  So, there is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with your expectations.

Try bringing it down a notch and set expectations that are both realistic and attainable.  In this way, you will meet what you set out to do and be encouraged by doing so.  Once the expectation is met, then set another one.

Also, be careful of your expectations of others.  Is what you are asking reasonable?  attainable?  realistic?  Contemplate this.  Maybe what you are asking of others, they just cannot meet.  And how fair is that?

Consider all the facts surrounding what you are asking.  And set expectations accordingly.  The more realistic and reasonable your expectations, the less you will be disappointed when they higher expectations are not met.

So, for today, set expectations at a reasonable, realistic, and attainable level, and then work toward them.  You will find much more success, and thus, be more encouraged to continue setting reasonable expectations.

In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I appreciate all of those teachers who have given me the opportunity to become the person I am today."

Soon, very soon, where I live, it is today, teachers and students will return to the classroom for another season of teaching and learning.

So many people that I meet ask me what I do.  I teach children.  Most people either (a) ask me what I teach and when I tell them, they say they weren't very subject at my subject-English, or (b) they shake their heads and say, "Oh, I'm sorry."

Being a teacher is a special job.  No one goes into teaching because they have no skills; people go into teaching because they have a genuine passion for the subject they teach.  They go into teaching because they have a desire to pass on all of the knowledge they have accumulated to others, and what a better audience than a group of students to whom they are committed.  They have a dedication to not only being the passer on of knowledge, but the role model, the mentor, the guide, maybe even the only responsible adult in the child's life.

This is Lightwork.  And yes, it is difficult.  It is difficult for several reasons.  (1) It requires skill to balance all of the different personalities that walk into the classroom.  Some teachers, like elementary school teachers, may only have 25-35 students in one day, but middle and high school teachers (I am a high school teacher) have anywhere from 125+.  (Last year I had 131.)  That is a lot of people to interact with within a small space and in a short time.

These students come in each with a history of their own, they come in with emotional or mental or behavioral baggage that the teacher is expected to manage and overcome in order to get the student to master the lessons.

These students come in with different cultural traditions and belief systems.  A teacher must put aside her own traditions and beliefs and be unbiased.  She must treat all students fairly.

These students come in, some of them, hungry, sleepy, cranky, afraid, insecure, hostile, angry, resentful, rebellious......The teacher must break through each of these barriers in order to do her job. 

These students come in with either high expectations or no expectations at all.  It is up to the teacher to create an expectation for each student and then help the student achieve it.

How many teachers do I know who keep snacks in their desks, and if a kid is hungry, hands them a package of crackers.  How many teachers do I know who has taken a kid outside the classroom to talk to him about his behavior only to have the student burst into tears and say that his parents are going through a divorce and fought all night and he couldn't sleep and he is exhausted and he can't think straight and that's why he grades have dropped and that is why he was acting out.

 How many teachers do I know who have to stop the lesson periodically to say a silent prayer for patience because her resources have been tapped out.  How many teachers do I know who know what's best for her students, but the district in which she teachers says she must enact certain "silly" mandates that make no sense at all, and they are not necessarily the best mandates for kids.  But despite all these odds, teachers teach them well nonetheless.

And here is a secret:  Not everyone can be a teacher and not all teachers are true teachers.  Sure, anyone with proper training can learn to run a class, can learn a curriculum and pass it on.  BUT, a REAL teacher is born a teacher.  She has always wanted to be a teacher, has always been a teacher, will always be a teacher until the day she retires.  These teachers are rare, but they do exist, and if a student is lucky enough to have one of these blessed teachers, then he is indeed, lucky.

So, dear friends, don't look down on us.  Don't feel sorry for us.  Don't criticize us.  Support us.  We are teaching and guiding your children into their futures.  We give them what they need to have careers better than ours.  Acknowledge the hard work we do and the hours we spend preparing and grading and planning, so that your child can have the best possible experience.  Respect us for our desire to help children and for our knowledge and wisdom.

The next time you hear a person say she/he is a teacher, just shake her/his hand, and say, "Thank you."

In Love and Light-always,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will invest in children, for they are the new enlightened beings who will change the course of the planet and elevate the planetary consciousness."

The children of our generation are a more enlightened group of people than we were.  They will have a pivotal impact on the future of the planet and the future of the consciousness of the planet.  Our children, who we have taught to fight through difficulty, will view the world from a much wider perspective than we did. 
They will feel a stronger injustice about the damage that has been done by past generations and try to right it.  They will see a stronger connection between man and his planet.  They will reject the socially accepted course of their futures and will choose futures that are more in tune with humanitarianism. 
This generation will produce more careers that service careers.  They will choose these careers over money making careers.  This generation will also do much more volunteer work for the good of others than previous generations.
The children of our children, our grandchildren, will be the ones who tip the scales and make a reverberating impact on the direction that the planet and its people will take.  These special children, many of whom have yet to be born, will fight the good fight.  They will stand up and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. 
This generation will further the work that their parents have done.  There will be a shift from the material world to the more mental/spiritual world.  They will be the ones who will most clearly see the interrelationship of cause and effect and the impact it has had on the globe.
They will organize large scale rescues, return to a more homeopathic path, replant the planet, and bring balance to the planet.  They will do more pro bono work.  They will move out of cities into more rural areas and cultivate the soil with their own crops in order to be self-sustaining.  They will gather in small communities and form cooperatives.  They will bring back the barter system.
The children of these children, our great-grandchildren, will create stability for what their parents have created.  They will maintain the balance of the planet.  At this time, we will see (none of us will, of course, because we will have passed on and only be looking down from the Great Beyond) a greater utilization of the natural world.  They will seek solutions, not through the rape of the planet's resources, but through new alternatives.  They will create a greater sense of small community.  They will make the best of what they have got.
And it is this generation that will bring forth the following generation who will continue to work for the planet and people and ensure the longevity of both.
Beyond this generation, I can't see.  This is all that Universe has shown me. 
So, dear friends, our race is ensured survival through our progeny.  This is incredibly encouraging because our generation has seen so much that has led us to believe that we are on the brink of destruction, and indeed we are if changes are not made.  Yes, things are changing slowly, but they will change for the better.
In Light and Love-Always,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will fight against and dispel illusion.  I will embrace reality.  In this way will I progress."

Now is the time to separate illusion from reality.  Those who have impure motives have perpetuated an illusion to prevent you from making progress.

The illusion is strong and powerful and many have fallen under this false reality.

Search your heart for what you know is reality and shed the illusion.

By embracing reality and rejecting illusion, you bring yourself into awareness.  And it is that awareness that benefits you.

Living in illusion does nothing for you.  Allowing others to conjure illusion and then following the false leader just leads you into the bog where you will flounder and drown.

Struggling for enlightenment, struggling for awareness, struggling against illusion is a noble and honorable battle.

Beware of false experts. Be your own expert.  All you need is what is in your heart.  All you need is pure intention.

And if those who recognize the illusion band together and fight collectively for reality, then the consciousness of the planet will be revitalized.

Don't ever think that illusion is better because it is easier.  Those things that are most worth it, are those things worth fighting for and struggling against.  At the end of the battle, you may be worn, you may be bloody, but you will be happy, for you have overcome.

In Love and Light-Always,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will claim my place as a citizen of the earth.  I will embrace the natural world and bring more of the natural world into my manmade environment."

The spirit of the Universe is in all things.  And all living things emit an energy that makes them alive.  And it is this interplay of energy that keeps the earth in balance.

It is our supreme duty as citizens of the earth to respect that balance and to ensure that the balance continues.

The more we break down the natural world and fill it with synthetic structures, the less living energy exists. The less living energy exists, the more out of balance the earth becomes.  And the more out of balance the earth is, the more precarious our existence on it.

I applaud those who marvel and support and explore the natural world, those who try to understand it.  They have a special relationship with the planet and the Universe.  They are advocates of the natural world.  And we should applaud their efforts. 

With the technology of computers and television, they are able to bring what they have learned to a mass audience.  This is Lightwork.  They are compelled to share their knowledge in hopes to better educate those who know little or nothing about their subjects, in turn, this makes us better informed citizens of the earth.

So, for today, embrace your citizenship of the earth.  Tune in to the natural environment around you.  If you live in an urban area where there are more synthetic structures than natural environment, I encourage you to bring the natural world into your home or work space.  Put a plant on your desk, create a balcony flower garden, place a potted tree in your entryway.  Decorate your home with art you can make yourself using stones and rocks, branches, driftwood, pine cones, etc.

When you surround yourself with the natural world, when you bring some of the natural world into your manmade existence, you honor the planet and bring more harmony into your own living space.

In Love and Light-Always,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will practice the word "No" and put myself first."

When is enough enough?  How much must we take before we absolutely implode?  And how did we let it get this far?

Because we are good people and because we care about others and because we don't want to hurt others, we sometimes put ourselves in uncomfortable positions to always do for others at the expense of ourselves.

When we fail to say "No," then we get into trouble.  It is not our job to always say "Yes."  It is not our job to always solve the issues of others or do someone a favor.

When we constantly come to the rescue of others, when we constantly are doing favors for others, when we constantly say "Yes," then we deplete ourselves.  We become resentful.  We feel taken advantage of.

This is when we should know it is time to draw the line and be steadfast in patrolling it.  It's all about boundaries.  The boundaries that we set are for ourselves, to keep us safe, to keep us in check, to keep us from depleting our own personal resources.

So, think about your boundaries.  Where are you going to draw the line?  Maybe you don't even have one, or maybe you have moved your line so far back that now you find yourself with your back against the wall and nowhere else to go.

If this is the case.  Push that line outward.  Give yourself some breathing room.  Say, "No, I can't do that," or "It's not a good time," or "I'd like to but I just can't right now.  Thank you of thinking of me."

It is time to reclaim your territory, by replying one NO at a time.  In this way, you conserve resources, avoid resentment, and stay true to yourself.

So, for today, consider your boundaries and where you may need to repair them.  Today, tell one person who asks you to go out of your way at your own expense, "NO."  They'll eventually get over it.

Move forward in support of yourself, always remembering that you deserve balance and harmony, and that your health and well-being are important.  Put yourself first today.

In Love and Light-Always,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will be a leader."
If you are a leader, then be a leader.  Never be afraid to put yourself out there, especially if you have talents and capabilities that will help others.
Having leadership capabilities is a gift from the Universe.  Somebody has got to take the lead, so why not you!  If you have a good idea, voice it.  If you have a plan, develop it.  If you have a conviction, speak out.  If you have a belief, stand up. 
There are many out there who are in positions of leadership and sometimes I wonder how they got there.  They hold a position of authority, but they don't actually lead; they bully, they micromanage, they threaten.
This is not leadership, not at all.
Leadership is an art.  Leadership should be used for the highest good of all concerned. 
So, my dear potential leaders, if you gifted with this talent, maybe it is time to move into it, time to step up, time to show them what you've got.
Now, go out there, and lead!
In Love and Light,