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Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's Affirmation

"Today, I will be joyful!"

Be joyful today!  If we look hard enough, we can find at least one thing in the world around us that gives us joy.  Yes, even when the rafters are falling down around us, we can find joy in something.

The Universe has gifted us with beauty because the Universe understands the demands and challenges of human life.  And in times of great distress, we can look around us and see beauty and be reminded that even though things may be rotten at that moment, beauty still exists.  Beauty and serenity will return to us.  

In fact, beauty and serenity never really go away, we just fail to see it and believe in it, and live it.

So, my darlings friends, look for beauty today, even in the face of trouble, look for beauty.  See the beauty and be joyful!  Momentary joy is better than no joy at all.

Hold your head high, and be joyful!

In Love and Light-Always,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will turn my vision inward and work on changing myself."
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,  the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
The most difficult part of the serenity prayer is acquiring the wisdom to know the difference between what we can change and what we cannot.
We would like to think that there is nothing that we cannot do, nothing that we cannot overcome, and although that may be true is some instances, it is not true when it comes to people.
We cannot change who people are or what people do.  We cannot change our loved one, our friends, our colleagues.  We just can't.  It is truly not in our power  to do so.  It is not our responsibility to try to change them.
They must be willing to change themselves, and we...we must work on ourselves.  We are the only ones whom we can change.
A close friend of mine used to say, and it is absolutely true without a doubt, "If nothing changes, then nothing changes."
We are constantly looking outward at others and not looking at ourselves, then what can possibly change?  Nothing.
But when we look inward, look at ourselves, examine who we are, why we do things, how we react, then we begin to see that there is plenty about ourselves that we can work on.  This is where our focus should be.  not on the external where we may or may not be able to impact what is happening, but internally where we can be sure that if we put the work into ourselves, we surely can change something.
For, today, turn our outward vision inward.  Seek within yourself what you can change.  Begin working on yourself and your personal issues.  Stop making an excuse for why you cannot, and begin making a promise that you will.  In this way, you improve the most precious gift you have--yourself.
In Love and Light-Always,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will let go of jealousy and manifest what I need and want."
There is no good in jealousy.  Jealousy makes us bitter and resentful and no good can come from this type of negative energy. Instead, we should focus of what we do have and work on manifesting that which we want to bring into being in our lives.
Actively working on a plan of action and working on the manifestation of it frees us from jealousy, bitterness, and resentment and brings more positive energy into our lives.  Thus, we live more in the Light.  And it is this light that helps things grow, blossom, and bear fruit.
Show me a growing thing that can truly live without light, water, nurturing.  I dare say, you cannot.  for all living things, thoughts included, for thoughts are living energy, cannot grow, cannot prosper without the proper essentials.
So, for today, let go of jealousy.  Turn your attention to creating what you want and what you need.  Turn you attention to forming positive thoughts and sending that positive energy into the creation of wonderfulness in your life.
In Love and Light-Always,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will be courageous and change what I can change-myself."
"God...Grant me the courage to change the things I can..."

It is often difficult to tell whether or not we can change that which exists or occurs in our lives.  But being able to analyze the situation clearly is to our benefit.

There are many things we cannot change.  We cannot change people.  We cannot change who they are or what they do, even though we would like to think that we have that much power.

The only thing we can do is to ask the Universe to move in the lives of those people and bring enlightenment and breakthrough to them.

Then we must go about our business and what we know we can impact.  We can work on ourselves, we can work on events that can be directly impacted by our actions.

So, for today, take a close look at what is not working and ask yourself, "Can I do anything about this?" 

If the answer is "yes," then do something positive.  If the answer is "no," then call on the Universe for assistance, and leave the work to your Higher Power.  Focus on yourself and what you can personally do to help yourself and impact events that can be impacted.

In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will pray a mighty prayer for the enlightenment of those whom I love who living in darkness and despair."
Sometimes the people that we love are living in darkness.  No, I don't mean they have forgotten to pay the electric bill or that they constantly have their blinds closed.  What I mean is that their lives are so full of confusion and chaos and denial that they just don't ever seem to get out from under that dark cloud.  It follows them around.  No matter where they go, there it is like their own personal thunderstorm.
But what can we do?  We have tried.  We have talked to them.  We have cajoled them.  We have yelled at them.  We have helped them.  We have done everything we can do to try to make a difference in their lives.  To no avail.  Nothing has worked.  In fact, they aren't even that interested in listening to us or to anyone else.
They feel safe in their denial, but what has it gotten them?  Not much.  Not much of anything.  They complain that nothing good is happening in their lives, that everything bad happens to them, that that ache and feel ill all the time.
This behavior perpetuates the negativity swirling around them, bringing more confusion and chaos into their lives.  And thus, the darkness continues.
But can we do?  We can pray for them.  Prayer has power.  Prayer has incredible power to bring about change.  And so for these loved ones, we can let them go, turn them over to their Higher Power and the Angelic Realm for assistance.  We can pray a mighty prayer every day for their enlightenment, for the bricks of illusion to crumble.  We can pray a mighty prayer that Universe moves the in their lives and breaks them down and rebuilds them.  We can pray for these things for their highest and greatest good  because we love them and we want them to have a better life.
So, my darling friends, pray for those that you love.  Pray a mighty prayer.
In Love and Light-Always,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today's  Affirmation
"Today, I will choose a path of light and reject a path of darkness."
The spirit of the Mighty, the spirit of the ALL is all around you and fills you if you allow it.  Those who are filled with the loving presence of the ALL open their hearts and let this loving presence in.  But those who do not open their hearts to the Universal unconditional love, will remain by half and are not truly alive in the spiritual sense.
Man has the greatest gift Universe has to offer and that is choice.  Man can choose his own path, but in choosing, man must take responsibility for those choices.
This is where we see a conflict, for man does not always choose wisely but chooses impulsively or chooses not at all.  In choosing not at all, then he chooses nonetheless.
Be cognizant of the choices you make and the path down which it will lead you.  Use the powers of reason that the Universe has provided to think through each step of your path.
All paths are etched in the universe.  each possible path that man can take is already established and so man gets to choose the one that is the most appropriate.
But ignorance and blindness can lead man down paths that are not the best of choices even though they are available for choice.
Choose wisely, brethren, for there are paths that lead directly to the Source and there are others that do not lead to the Source but away from the Source.
Remember, we do not judge, but we do see all the paths; and there are paths that we would like to see man travel.  Choice and free will is a gift.  Use it wisely. 
Use it for ends that will bring you closer to the source.  Reject those that lead to darkness and decay and thus away from the source.  for the farther you move away from the source the longer it takes to come back into the light. 
Do not let your base desires take over your life.  Seek within for the Light That Shines Eternally and let it be a beacon for you.  Move forward ever in the Light and bring more light into your life. 
Revaluate your place on your path and see where you can make adjustments so that as much light as possible shines on you and open your heart to it.
A life of light keeps you in the Light and thus brings you closer to the Mighty.  A life lived in darkness keeps you in darkness and thus away from the Mighty.
Be blessed always and seek the Light,  for in the light there is all good.  Yes, all lessons are important for the advancement of the soul, but some lessons bring more light to the consciousness than others. 
Ignorance is a choice you are free to make, but our hope for you is that you will not choose ignorance, but will choose the Light.
Be well brethren.  We are with you always.
The Guardians of Ages

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will make a plan and a back up plan for myself."
It can be a really good to be spontaneous, but when we always leave things to spontaneity, things may not work out.  This is because we lack focus, and in lacking focus, the energy is scattered and not concentrated on one specific plan of action.
So, make a plan.  Have a plan.  Even if the plan doesn't work out the way you think it will, have one anyway.  It is far better to start the day with some type of direction, some goal you would like to achieve.  In this way, you remain on the right path.
And you know as well as I do, that sometimes things happen suddenly and we are forced to take a different direction.  So to ensure that you are not caught with your proverbial pants around your ankles, have a back up plan, some direction in which you can go just in case plan A doesn't materialize.
Yes, enjoy spontaneity, but have a plan as well.  Take control of your life by planning and back up planning.  In this way, you are more prepared for what might come.
In Love and Light-Always,